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Paeonia Newsletter
Recent Back Issues

Listed below are the contents of only the most recent back issues of Paeonia that are available on-line. To downlod these issues of the newsletter as well as other older back issues, you will need to go to the Archive Pages by clicking on the link below or in the navigation bar above.

Volume 30, No. 1, Winter 2000
Volume 30, No. 2, Spring 2000
Volume 30, No. 3, Summer 2000
Volume 30, No. 4, Fall 2000

V30, N1 Table of Contents:

1. Producing High Quality Intersectional Hybrids

2. Germination of Peony Californica Seeds

V30, N2 Table of Contents:

1. Preliminary Report on Mloko. x Suffruticosa Hybrids

2. Review of the Lost Lactiflora x Suffruticosa Hybrids

3. Blooming Tree Peony Hybrids from Seed in Two Years

V30, N3 Table of Contents:

1. The World of Peonies According to Sang

V30,N4 Table of Contents:

1. The World of Tree Peonies According to Hong and Hong

2. Classification Tree for Paeonia Section Moutan

Click below to go to the Archives page where you will find these and other older back issues that can be downloaded for viewing and printing.