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Paeonia Newsletter
About Paeonia

Brief summary and overview of the newsletter.

Paeonia is a quarterly newsletter devoted to the hybridization and breeding of all types of peonies. Paeonia has been mailed out to about a hundred subscribers from all over the world for more than thirty years. The newsletter was started in 1970 by Silvia Saunders (daughter of America's greatest peony hybridizer, Professor A. P. Saunders). It has been published continuously ever since. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide a forum for the exchange of information among amateur breeders and backyard gardeners alike, so that they can help each other to achieve their individual hybridizing goals. Articles cover a wide range of topics such as: pollen collection and storage, pollenization methods, seed and seedling handling, germination techiques, in-door winter storage methods, growing seedling under artifical lights and many others. Breeding yellow and orange herbaceous peonies have been hot topics for many years.


This is one of my intersectional hybrid seedlings which has been named and registered as
Singing in the Rain (Smith, 2002).