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Paeonia Newsletter

Solutions for Some Common Printing and Downloading Problems

A few people have reported having problems printing and/or downloading the PDF files from this site. I have spend considerable time researching these problems and have found some simple "work arounds" that seem to work. Most of the problems reported to so far seem to be related to the use of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer, than you should pay close attention to the instructions below.

In most cases, (left) clicking on the file link will open your Adobe Acrobat Reader and allow you to view and print the document that you requested. It is always best to use the "Print" icon in the tool bar of the Acrobat Reader rather than the similar icon in the tool bar of your browser. If you print from Acrobat Reader, it should work regardless of what browser you are using. Using AOL or Netscape you should also be able to print from your browser using either the Print icon in the tool bar or by choosing the "print" option from the drop-down menu under the File menu at the top left of your screen.

However, if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you may have trouble printing a document from your browser, even though it appears correctly on your screen. If this is occurring, follow the instructions below:

First, right click on the file link and choose "Open in New Window" from the drop-down menu that appears. Once the document appears on your screen, you should then be able to print using any of the print options that you choose.

If you continue to have difficulties after following the instructions above, please contact me by e-mail and describe the nature of your problem. When reporting a problem, it would be very helpful if you could provide the following information: 1) Type of computer (PC or Mac), 2) Internet Provider (e.g. aol, msn, etc.) and 3) Type of browser (e.g., Netscape, Explorer). This will help me find a solution to the problem more quickly.