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Paeonia Newsletter

This page provides a link that will take you to the Paeonia Archices Homepage where you will find a list of  back issues of Paeonia that are currently available for downloading.

Thanks primarily to the outstanding efforts of Tim McCauley the long process of scanning back issues of the newsletter going back to Vol. 1, No. 1 - 1970 has been completed. This was a slow process that took many months to complete. These older back-issues (PDF files) are slowly being uploaded to this site. In addition, more recent back issues are also being converted to PDF files and uploaded to the Archives page as time allows. In time, all back issues of the newsletter in my collection (114) will be available on-line in the archive pages.


At this time, there are 50 back issues of Paeonia available for downloading, including V20, N1 through V32, N1. To view these back issues you will need to have Adobe Arcobat Reader installed on your computer. This can be obtained free from Adobe at abobe.com. Other issues of the newsletter will be added as time allows. See the Index Page for a listing of contents by issue.

Paeonia Archives Homepage